Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lottery Tips for EuroMillions

Improve your odds by 62% in winning the £167 million (€190 million) EuroMillions draw on 3rd October 2017 with magayo Lotto software and see the winning Jackpot ticket of magayo Lotto user on 4th March 2017!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

20% Discount for South Africa Heritage Day - 3 Days Only!

Celebrate South Africa Heritage Day with a 20% discount off our high quality software with the coupon code "HERITAGE17"! This offer is valid only for 3 days (23 - 25 September 2017).

magayo Lotto software supports South African Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, Powerball & Powerball Plus. magayo Pick software supports South African Pick 3.

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magayo WET software is a cool weather app with animated weather icons, currency exchange and world time for your Windows desktop.

Friday, September 15, 2017

magayo Goal Software

We are excited to announce the launch of magayo Goal software - our football app with football predictions, football statistics, football fixtures, football results and league tables for Windows computers!

magayo Goal football app will analyze the historical matches played and intelligently recommends the outcomes for the coming games. Comprehensive football statistics up to the last 10 seasons with graphical charts are also provided.

magayo Goal supports the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga. The football results, fixtures and league tables are automatically updated to save you the hassle of manually entering the data!

Celebre el Día de la Independencia de México con un 20% de descuento

20% de descuento para el Día de la Independencia de México. Código de descuento "DOLORES17" hasta el 17 de septiembre de 2017. Soporta Chispazo, Melate y Melate Retro.

magayo Loto Edición Pro

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Enjoy 20% Discount for Vietnam National Day

Celebrate Vietnam National Day with a 20% discount off our award-winning lottery software, magayo Lotto Pro Edition, with the coupon code "VIETNAM17"!

This offer is valid till 6 September 2017.

magayo Lotto software supports Vietlott Mega 6/45.